Friday, February 04, 2005

Moving out to the flight line

We are moving out to the flight line. The winds are light and in a favorable direction. So far so good . . . .

Showing for Launch

The payload and launch crew are moving out to the flight line. The weather looks much more stable today than it did last time.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Big Bill on the Launch Pad
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Adventures in the Stratosphere

Well I've established this web log to help keep people up to date on our activities for the ULDB flight out here in Ft. Sumner. We have cancelled for today. The weather looks better for in the morning. Saturday is also a possibility. The weather is clear and cold this morning with surface winds at about 5 kts. The winds at 500 and 1000 ft were too high for launch though. Some were as high as 20 kts. Here are some web sites to keep up with our progress.

web cams:

John DeMar's photos: