Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Picking up the pieces north of Amarillo.
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Off the pin! A beautiful launch!
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Ready for release!
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Pragmatism Again!

I was really sure that this would be the balloon that broke our string of failures in this project. The inflation, launch, and ascent were all absolutely beautiful. We were able to use the valve to control the ascent rate so that we entered cruising altitude at exatly the right speed. Just as the balloon was pressurizing, a part of one of the seals opened up and - well - that was that. The balloon came down just north of Amarillo. We went out that evening to look at it. The part that came open is now in our plant. We are in the midst of the failure investigation. I am hopeful that we quickly find the cause and are able to get back flying again this summer. Ever Onward.