Friday, June 09, 2006

Norway Day Trip

The Fjords of Norway are one of those sights that no photo or video can prepare you for. No matter how majestic a photograph is, it cannot convey the feeling of actually being there. Imagine being in the green hilly parts of western Pennsylvania.

Now add rocky, snow covered mountains . . .

With LOTS of waterfalls . . .

It is early spring here and the massive amount of snow on the mountains is melting and pouring down the sides of the mountains. Any one of these waterfalls would have a state park built around it in the States and there was one around every corner here.

Take all this beauty and put it in a sea side setting . . .

. . . and you have the Fjords of Norway.

We drove to the town of Lodingen and took a one hour ferry down to Bognes and had a nice lunch on the ferry. We then took a 25 minute ferry across to Skarberget. After dinner in Narvik, we headed back to Esrange.

Here I am on the Ferry.

The weather was a little gloomy, but if the weather is nice, we should be out launching, so we just have to take what we get. On the way to Narvik, we came across this really beautiful view.

I'd love to come back here and do some hiking when the weather is better. I'm guessing I'll never get a chance to come here on a vacation. I've never been anywhere that is so expensive - even New York City. Our dinner at a pizza place in Narvik for four people was about $80. The same meal at home would have been $25 at the most. This was in a small city in rural Norway. I can't imagine what it costs to eat out in a city like Stockholm.


Anonymous said...

Hi Daddy I just got back from camp. My counsler was really nice! Her name was Tall Decaf Nonfat Hazelnut Latte. She is an English major at the University of Nebraska. I have to go to bed now. Love you,Taryn

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike! This is Matt. Next time you got sweden, I'm definitely going to hide in your suitcase and come along with my camera. The landscape there looks gorgeous, much more interesting than Mississippi. :)
Anyway, don't know if you've heard yet but I got married/eloped on saturday. Well, dunno what else to tell you. Hopefully I'll see you next time we're both in texas. See ya!