Sunday, December 21, 2008

ANITA at Float

After a beautiful launch, the ANITA mission ascended to its planned float altitude of 121,000 feet and is merrily making its way west toward the heart of the Antarctic ice. Just as it was going into float, I took these photos of ANITA through Peter Gorham's telescope. I sure am glad he brought it down.

The balloon is amost completely full here.

Just about to start venting at peak altitude

Fat and Happy!

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onceacaddy said...

So does that mean just one more? They look really cool! I know that's what you're going for on these launches....good looks. =D

I saw Jake after the game at the restaurant we were waiting to eat at. I screamed really loud and he informed me that I was embarrassing my kids. I know that's not true. They're used to the crazy way their mom acts. I know I was embarrassing him! He's gonna come show us how to go about getting started on this structure.

Hope all is going well with you. It seems to be!

I will be looking for your final launch soon!