Tuesday, December 16, 2008

CREAM Launch Attempt

Today was the first time to take a payload out to the launch pad for this campaign. We went as far as taking the payload, balloon, and all the launch equipment out to the pad. As it does so often in this business, the weather in the area was just not stable enough so we cancelled today's launch.

The CREAM payload all buttoned up and ready for launch.

On "The Boss" launch vehicle in launch position.

The equipment and arrangement for launch are just like other places, except the launch spool, helium tanks, and balloon are pulled by bulldozers and are riding on sleds instead of trailers.


onceacaddy said...

Okay, we need to get these things launched so you can get home. You do know that I don't know squat about structure, right?!? I'm gonna see if Jake, the 4A football state champion hopefully, can come show us how to build jigs and get started. I'm scared, Mike. I'm really scared. Hope you're having fun and staying warm! Come home soon! Miss you!


it's Maddi, Miranda, Connor, and Mary. We just dropped by to see what fun you are having in Antartica. Sounds like your having a blast and we are glad to hear it.