Friday, December 12, 2008

Just doin' what I'm told

Sometimes you just have to pinch yourself. Is this really happening? Since I am supporting handling the balloon during the launch, I might need to go back to the building and get some tools or equipment. The normal method of travel to and from the launch pad is by snow mobile (or snow machine as my sister from Alaska calls them). Since this is a government operation, we had to take a snow mobile safety course. Yup, just following orders. If you want me to drive a snow mobile, I'll take the course. Yea, twist my arm (ha).

Those of us needing the training gathered with the support person and she fitted us with helmets and showed us how to start the things. After a few more minutes of do's and don'ts, we took off to the launch pad in single file. There I was - driving a snow mobile across the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica looking at an erupting volcano. I thought to myself; "I wonder what those 'extreme adventure' tour companies would charge for something like this?" Then I thought; "Holy smokes, I'm getting paid to do this!" Just doin' what I'm told, that's all.


dayton said...


Great to hear your voice...sort of.
your Christmas letter was nice..if you like those great kid, happy, love my wife, all is good kind of letters.

We are doing well, moved into the new house, lots of room for company and Kendall has recoved from her breast cancer and surgery...not like having a sick kid but close. It will be fun to tear 2008 off the calander.

Sterling is doing great, living large. Hope we can see you soon esp. if the Aggies ever go to a bowl game. Take care, be safe...

Sterling ask who "Nice Mike" was and it was fun to tell her your story...not your whole story...just the G rated part.

Take care

Vickie Longino said...

Mike, just read through your entire blog. All I can say is, Amazing! You can't believe you are really a part of this grand adventure and I can't believe I know someone personally who is a part of this grand adventure.

Carolyn said...

Mike, It's always great fun to follow your journey's. You are a man in your element. The pictures are wonderful. Wes and I thoroughly enjoy traveling vicariously through you!

Angie Blount said...

Can't wait to share all of this with my students! It will have to wait until after the Christmas break, though, because even an adventure like this can't compare to Christmas parties. Now, if you were at the NORTH pole....

Thanks for doing such a great job of explaining everything. You're a natural teacher. After this trip, we will have to you as a 'guest lecturer' some day!