Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Trip to Christchurch

My flight from Dallas to LAX was delayed two hours, so I only had a 20 minute layover before the flight to Auckland. I met up with Henry and the guys from CSBF at the gate in LAX. The flight to Auckland was 12 1/2 hours - all in the dark except for the last hour. We landed at 6:30. After going through customs and immigration in Auckland, we saw a big commotion with lots of TV cameras in the main terminal area. Just as we were going through the area, the LA Galaxy Soccer team was also going through. We saw David Beckham. Here is the link to the news article.

The flight from Auckland to Christchurch was only 1 1/2 hours. We got to see the Southern Alps. This is the area where the Lord of the Rings outdoor scenes were filmed.

Although I got some sleep on the flight to Auckland, I was bone tired. I got a shower and shave and forced myself to go out and walk around. Sunlight is the best cure for jet lag. We went to see the Christchurch cathedral and the botanical garden. It was free and one of the best botanical gardens I have seen.

We will be getting our gear issued tomorrow at the "CDC" (Clothing Distribution Center). We also got the happy news today that our ride down to the ICE will be on an Air Force C-17 instead of a C-130. That takes about four hours off of the trip.

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