Friday, December 19, 2008

CREAM Launch

Today was the first launch of the three balloons in this campaign. CREAM stands for Cosmic Ray Energetics and Mass. The launch was beautiful. You can track the position of the balloon on the CSBF web site over on the links menu.

A perfect launch in perfect conditions. Photo by Gary Marchant, CSBF Electronics

I'm not holding my belly because I have a tummy ache. I had to hold my camera under my coat when I was not using it or the battery would freeze up. I think a good way to test camera equipment for use down here is to put it in your freezer for an hour. If it still works, it might be ok for Antarctica.

Dr. Peter Gorham, Principle Investigator for the ANITA experiment brought his telescope. I took this photo with my camera by holding it up to the eye piece. The balloon is 450 feet in diameter at 128,000 feet in altitude.

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