Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Scott Hut

Here are some photos we took walking around by the hut built by the Scott expedition in the early 1900’s. This was the staging area for the dangerous 850 mile trip to the South Pole. During Scott’s last attempt, they made it to the pole only to find out that Amundsen had arrived there a month before. The members of the Scott expedition died trying to make it back to McMurdo.

Yes, that's solid ice completely surrounding Ross Island where McMurdo is located.

Ice is flowing up against the island, causing these wave-like pressure ridges.

Discovery hut monument.

Discovery Hut

Henry at the Hut

The view South - Toward the South Pole

Another great shot of the pressure ridges without my ugly mug in the way.


sredick said...

Hello! I'm a reporter at Texarkana Gazette. Was wondering if you would allow me to do a feature story about you and your adventures! Do you know when you will be returning home?

Deb said...

Mike - this is great adventure living through your once in a lifetime trip! Keep up the posts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike!

Susan and Taryn gave me your blog address tonight when they came to help out with Empty Stocking. Loved reading about your trip so far and we will continue to check in with you! Stay Warm!