Saturday, December 20, 2008

ANITA Launched!

The ANITA mission was launched today in perfect weather. The balloon climbed straight up for quite a while after launch. Let's hope this very favorable weather holds out a bit longer for the ULDB launch. The ANITA instrument has very sensitive radio receivers on board "listening" for neutrino hits, so they would prefer to have some distance between them and the ULDB telemetry transmitters. We hope that the winds at altitude for ANITA will carry it over the horizon so we can take advantage of these great conditions as soon as possible.

Dwayne looks like a proud papa

Inflating a balloon to 10,000 lbs of lift takes about an hour.

Just after spool release

Good Luck ANITA!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mike
I'm not sure if I've met you, but I'm over at Scott Base and would love to use a couple of your pics for a newspaper story. Is that possible? Please call Naomi at Scott Base on 02 409 6700, cheers