Thursday, December 04, 2008

Clothing Issue

We went to the CDC today and picked up our ECW (Extreme Cold Weather) gear. Before trying on all of our stuff – and there was a lot of it – we were shown a video on all of the clothing and what to expect on departure day. We also had our lap-top computers scanned and took a quick course on computer security. I tried on all of the issued clothing and I turned back in a couple of the pairs of gloves they gave me. I arranged all of the things I will wear on the flight down and made sure I had room for everything else in my checked bag. I was just under the weight limit of 75 lbs for all of my baggage.

CDC Entrance

What I'll Look Like on the Plane

WOW! It's Official

Looking Sharp!

We found out today that our plane to McMurdo will be Saturday morning instead of Friday morning. They cancelled one flight earlier this week and that put the rest of the week a little behind. This nice thing about the current schedule is our flight has only about 20 people on it. The one this morning had about 80. I am hopeful that we will have room to stretch out during the flight. We’ll see.


Russell Floyd said...


I do try to pray on occasion for the folks at FUMC. After reading your blog and still not being sure what takes you to outreaches of our planet; I am sure I need to pray. I wish you a productive venture and safe travels. Wow! I will be following this adventure and want to hear more when you return.


Jim Rooks said...

Wow - From a C-130 to C-17. Things are looking up already. Having flown many hours on the 130 - some with and some without water buffaloes - I'm sure the 17 will be much better.

Of course, the water buffaloes did add a certain "je ne sais qois" to the entire experience.

Have a good trip - look forward to your posts.


Deb H said...

Too bad you have to turn it all back in...otherwise you could use it when you visit us in SD the next time! Keep blogging - we're watching!

Brad J. said...

Go Mike. We are looking forward to the many surprises you will treat us to.

Kendall said... dad is going to be wearing bunny boots