Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Christmas Day I'll Never Forget

We had a few things to take care of out at the base so we all took a Delta in. Since there were no shuttles that come out from town on Christmas, today's trip was a "charter". Several of the CSBF guys are qualified to drive Deltas, so it was an all-LDB trip. After an incredible lunch from our galley chef (not a cook, a real live chef), we headed back to town.

The LDB crew about to finish out a half-day of work and head back to town on "our" Delta.

After getting back to town, the hikers in the group headed up Observation Hill or "Ob Hill" as they call it here. Ob hill is an 800 ft. climb and gives fantastic views of McMurdo and the surrounding area.

I found a great little nook to sit and take in the scenery at the top of the hill. We just sat and didn't talk for what seemed like fifteen minutes. I didn't know that Henry snapped this picture of me.

This was my view. The Royal Society Range is on the continent, across the permanent ice shelf from Ross Island.

At the top of Observation Hill is a cross that was dedicated as a memorial to the R.F. Scott party.

This wooden cross is almost 100 years old and the wood is not grey. The lack of mold, bacteria, and other wood eating insects make wood last a very long time here. I guess I shouln't have put my hand on it.

The Hikers: Dwayne, Henry, Jill, and Mike

A few hours later, we were treated to the famous McMurdo Christmas Dinner. What a feast this was! The menu included crab legs, roasted duck, shrimp, scallops, and prime rib. The guys in the photo above are slicing the prime ribs as thick as you want.

The dessert table was fantastic. I've never been on a cruise ship, but I would bet the food tonight was just as good.

These were "Raspberry Cream Filled Skuas". A Skua is a local bird that is a little bigger than a sea gull, but shaped like one. Instead of white, Skua's are a tan color.

The LDB guys sat together for Christmas Dinner. I really enjoy working with them. That's a good thing since we spend so much time together.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,
Just wanted to say we have enjoyed reading all about your trip & seeing all the beautiful pictures. I told Susan you could tell Mike was married to a scrapper when you took the picture of the "swan dessert" ha. The kids & I really enjoyed seeing Susan & the know she is always an amazing hostess. We missed you, especially Connor. He asked a lot of questions about Uncle Michael. We are glad you got to have all these great experiences & even more glad that you have such a wonderful home to come home to. There is something about the comfort of a warm & loving home that gives you the ability to open your heart to all these new experiences. Anyway, bedtime here is Texas. Wishing the balloon good info gathering & you & your crew a safe trip home....mary